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Results from a survey of 25 Business Administration Apprentices April 2017

London Skills for Growth have really helped me get into an apprenticeship, and helped me learn to prioritise work loads of course work in and outside of the work place and at college. They've helped me study for my IT exams and pass after I thought I'd never pass! They've helped me mature more
Before I joined London Skills for Growth I never had any administration experience. After joining London Skills for Growth I have gained confidence in an office environment as well as the experience I needed.
London Skills for Growth helped me grow as a person a look at things in a different way. Also, prepared me for work and made me realise what it’s actually like.
London Skills for Growth has help me decide what I would like to do as I was unsure, it's a place where you tell them what you want to do and they help you through.
London Skills for Growth has shaped my career path and made it clear in what my goals and ambition consists of and what I need to do to achieve them
I enjoy lesson time I feel like the teachers are really good here and they understand how to speak to the students, mutual respect. I like learning and they've found a way to make learning fun for everyone who learns in different ways
I have a better idea now about my future career now than I did before I joined London Skills for Growth
Very positive; I am developing skills that I can apply to my desired role. I also think that this has been an amazing opportunity; one that I am very grateful for.
I am feeling positive as there are many options and a lot of information for me
SFG helped me gain the right experience and qualification to help with my future.
I started off at London Skills for Growth, however I wasn't too confident. Now I feel a lot happier with what I'm doing and I'm definitely more focused especially at work.
It has been an enjoyable experience where I've learnt a lot, but also had a lot of fun along the way and met many new people.

Emma Hart

Emma Hart - Learner Case Study

My name is Emma and I am going to tell you a bit about my journey and how I got to where I am today. I left school in year 9 without completing any qualifications. I did not have much interest in my future and I thought my prospects at the time were almost non-existent.

One day I realised I wasn’t going to get anywhere in life if I carried on how I was. I decided to no longer associate with my current group of friends. My Mum arranged a meeting with a personal advisor at Connexions. I was very nervous because my confidence was so low and I knew I had to face up to my faults. I explained my situation to the advisor, this was that I had left school with no GCSE’s but was now determined to make something of myself. He explained all my options which included an E2E (Entry to Employment) programme at London Skills for Growth. I jumped at this opportunity and I was over the moon when they offered me a place on the course, something was actually going my way.

Throughout my time on E2E I had several mock interviews, including telephone interviews; I worked on my English and Maths and I completed two weeks work experience. As the E2E programme came to a close an opportunity arose to start a Business Administration Apprenticeship with London Skills for Growth. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe what was happening, it was a very emotional time for me but also a happy time. I started my Apprenticeship with my confidence still lacking but I knew I could push myself further as my skills developed. I completed a level 2 apprenticeship in Business Administration and progressed onto a level 3 Apprenticeship with London Skills for Growth. On completion of the level 3 Apprenticeship I was offered a full time position in the examinations department which was very challenging at times but also very rewarding.

From there I progressed onto my current role of receptionist at the Stratford site. I enjoy my job thoroughly and thrive on the day to day challenges it brings. It is also very rewarding for me to see our current learners achieving their goals at London Skills for Growth.

I could not have got this far without the support and encouragement from London Skills for Growth and the tutors who believed in me and always told me I could do well.


James - Learner Case Study

Before working at London Skills for Growth I had been studying A Levels at Coopers Company & Coborn School Sixth Form. I found the difference between GCSE and A level quite large and, despite my efforts, I struggled to cope with the intensity and format of the work that was given to me which unfortunately led to me failing my AS exams. Since leaving school I was unsure on what I wanted to do so simply followed what others thought was best for me. It was time for a change. I began applying for apprenticeships via the National Apprenticeship Website. I searched for anything relating to Business Administration, the more I learnt about apprenticeships, the more I knew that it was the right path for me.

I received a call from London Skills for Growth about a vacancy that I had applied for on the National Apprenticeship Website. I was so excited to finally be given a chance to start an apprenticeship. London Skills for Growth had already supported me so much in seeking an apprenticeship so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to interview for a Learner Services Apprentice position within the company.

Since working at London Skills for Growth I have learnt that it is not only a company who support young people in gaining employment, but one that helps develop their skills giving them a future beyond an apprenticeship. I’m surrounded by employees and managers who have completed an apprenticeship with London Skills for Growth and went on to work here full-time. I find it particularly inspiring to be working with people who have gone down the exact same road that I am on. Having that kind of environment around me keeps me motivated. Since working here I have grown in confidence massively and have also developed my social and employability skills.

London Skills for Growth have enabled me to start my career in a position where I can see myself progressing. When I was at Sixth Form College I constantly worried about what I would do afterwards. However, with London Skills for Growth I no longer have to worry about my future as they have helped me to create one for myself that I can look forward to.

Once I complete my apprenticeship I hope to go onto and complete a Level 3 Business Administration qualification with London Skills for Growth and after that hopefully gain full time employment within the company.

Sadiq Adesanya

Image of sadiq

I was quite the lost child before I started at London Skills for Growth. I was a fresh drop out from college, intelligent and well-mannered, but with no sense of direction. After visiting ‘The Point’ they advised me to get in contact with London Skills for Growth. The first person I made contact with was Eddie; he was a fountain of knowledge and gave me all the information I needed about apprenticeships. Over the next few weeks, Eddie was throwing vacancies at me left, right and centre. Eddie sent them to me with high prospects of me being successful, but in actuality success was long off into the distance. I was late to interviews, didn’t present myself well via my body language or apparel and in general did not perform as well as I could have. So Eddie suggested I should start London Skills for Growth’s Traineeship programme.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but the Traineeship programme was perfect for me. It helped me brush up on the on key skills I needed to be successful in the work place. They built up my confidence and communication skills, helped with my motivation and also assisted me to work better with others. After weeks of intense self-improvement with tremendous amount of support from London Skills for Growth I finally found myself in a work placement in a local gaming store. Finally I was receiving some responsibility and a chance to prove to myself and to London Skills for Growth that. It was here that I showed them that I was ready for the next step!

After 7 weeks with CEX, the manager told London Skills for Growth that I was a hardworking employee with excellent attendance and punctuality. Quickly after Lily recommended me to London Skills for Growth’s ‘Biz Academy’ programme, where I took part in five weeks of intense training around the ‘Salesforce’ software.

I was able to visit the salesforce tower (Herren Tower) to network with lots of employers. All the self-improvement and preparation I had done over the months before all allowed me to effectively display a presentation in front of over 25 different companies. All the work, sweat and nerve wrecking moments were all worth it as the next week I had an interview with reed.co.uk

Needless to say I got the apprenticeship with Reed. I’m having a great time working for this great company, the people are amazing, the work ethic is right up my alley and I’m performing well. I would definitely recommended people utilise the opportunities and support that London Skills for Growth offer, and if you actually go with serious intentions of being successful, then the doors are there to be opened. It took several incredibly difficult months with London Skills for Growth, but they took a diamond in the rough and allowed me to glimmer and shine.

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