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As an organisation, London Skills for Growth are committed to the safety, security and welfare of all its learners who are in contact with its employees and those that undertake work on behalf of the organisation.

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The welfare, safety and protection of learners are of the utmost importance to the organisation and consequently we aim to adopt the highest possible standards.

You have the right to be and feel safe from:

If you think you have suffered any of the above forms of abuse by another learner, member of staff or a visitor, you should report this to a trusted member of staff or a member of the Safeguarding Team as soon as possible.

Preventing extremism for students and employers

London Skills for Growth work with the Prevent and Channel teams to ensure that young people are vigilant and have an understanding of the risks of radicalisation.

All our staff are trained in Radicalisation and Extremist awareness. If you have a concern about something that you have seen or need advice about a friend, a colleague, someone in your group, someone in your family, please speak to your tutor or a member of the Safeguarding Team for advice and support. If you are concerned about someone you know who you believe may be vulnerable to radicalisation – please get in touch with:

If you could like more information on the government’s Prevent Strategy – you can find at the following address: . We deeply appreciate your support in this matter.

E Safety

It is important to keep yourself safe when using ICT, the internet and social media.

All use of the internet at SFG is monitored and logged and anything of concern will be reported. It is important that everyone is aware of the risks of online extremist and terrorist groups.

For further information about all the above topics please click on the link below which will take you to the learner handbook and also the Prevent flowcharts for Learners and Employers.

London Skills for Growth’s Safeguarding Team

Angela Beaton, Deputy CEO
Laura Cooper, Head of Apprenticeships
Suzel Braz, Head of Traineeships
Jozell Vernal, Tutor
Sam Cherubin, Tutor

The safeguarding team can be reached via your tutor or by email or by calling:

0208 304 8527 Bexleyheath
0208 221 0500 Stratford
0208 634 4022 Woolwich.


Success stories at Skills for Growth

Emma Hart Learner Testimonial about Skills for Growth

Emma Hart

“My name is Emma and I am going to tell you a bit about my journey and how I got to where I am today. I left school in year 9 without completing any qualifications...”

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James Learner Testimonial about Skills for Growth


“Before working at Skills for Growth I had been studying A Levels at Coopers Company & Coborn School Sixth Form. I found the difference between GCSE and A level quite large...

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Sadiq Adesanya Learner Testimonial about Skills for Growth

Sadiq Adesanya

“I was quite the lost child before I started at Skills for Growth. I was a fresh drop out from college, intelligent and well-mannered, but with no sense of direction...”

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High Quality Training across London

Skills for Growth deliver a range of high quality training across London at our three sites. We deliver apprenticeships, traineeships and provide a business support service to employers.

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Skills for Growth are a charity with 'skills' at its very heart. We are passionate about progression and the key to this is supporting young people and employers to make the process a valuable experience for all involved!

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