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RPA Transition Event (Moving On)

On Thursday 6th October 2016 the Skills for Growth team attended an all-day careers event called RPA Transition (Moving On) which took place at the Harrow Lodge Sports Centre Hornchurch Essex. This event was created so students could find out more about the sector they wish to pursue a career in.  As the event played host to numerous organisations’ throughout the day students were encouraged to seek as much information as possible regarding traineeships, apprenticeships and further education.

From the moment Charlie, Marie and I arrived to set up our Skills for Growth stand for the day within the sports hall it was non-stop. Throughout the morning we each took turns to explain who Skills for Growth were, the courses we offer, how they work and where we’re located.

As it was essential for us to promote traineeships and the way they work, we made it our priority to explain this in more detail to the enquiring young minds. It was great to see so many year 11 students taking a keen interest in what we do and how we can help them directly should they choose to sign up to our services.

With the many organisations’ in attendance it was encouraging to see the enthusiasm they had for each and every learner. From Halls of Envy to Prospects, The Metropolitan Police to Havering College; all were there to provide vital insight regarding the types of careers out there which young people could aspire too.

As the morning session drew to a close we saw this as an ideal opportunity to introduce ourselves to other exhibitors for the purpose of networking.  

Through networking we were able to learn more about each individual organisation and their new initiatives aimed at promoting other careers options for students.

Once the evening session had begun Charlie, Marie and I were more than ready to provide parents with all the information they would need to help put their minds at rest when it came to their children’s future.

It was good to know that parents were happy to take into consideration how beneficial traineeships and apprenticeships could be to their child’s career progression.

Overall the day was a success and Skills for Growth are looking forward to receiving lots of applications for our traineeship program.

Written by Stephanie Allen | Work Experience Coordinator Skills for Growth



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