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We at Skills for Growth are here to support our learners, and have organised sanitary products to be available if needed to all of our young women, across our sites.  

Alarmingly it has been reported that nationally one in ten girls has been unable to afford sanitary wear, (according to new research from global Girls Rights charity Plan International UK).

If you’re struggling to afford sanitary products please let your tutor know.

You can also read more on this topic here:

Period BLOG

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Bloody Good Period aims to create a sustainable flow (pun intended) of sanitary protection for those who can't afford to buy them.


You can sign this Change UK petition to provide free sanitary products in UK schools #PeriodPotential 



Want to read more on this topic? Check out our research here:

BBC article | Girls 'too poor' to buy sanitary protection missing school:


British schoolgirls ‘skip school every month because they can’t afford tampons’:


Girls from low-income families skipping school during periods because they can't afford sanitary products:


Girls from poorer families in England struggle to afford sanitary protection:






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