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Forget what you think you know about apprenticeships?

The days when they were seen as a lesser option to college and university are long gone.

Skills for Growth are training provider based across London with learner progression at our heart. We have been doing what we’ve been doing for over 30 years and, because we have put all our applicants through a rigorous recruitment process, we believe in each and every one of our apprentices. But they’re just words right? Not to us. 30% of our staff are made up of apprentices and ex-apprentices. We are reaping the rewards of having invested in youth and we are now seeing many of our apprentices occupying management and team leader roles driving the organisation forward. They are, after all, the future of our company.

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In this day and age, when the cost of recruitment is so high, staff loyalty can be measured in £s, and companies have to pay top-dollar for an employee moulded in some other organisations image, why would you not look at apprenticeships? Investing in youth through the apprenticeship scheme has been proven to create loyal, hard-working, and tailored-to-your-company’s-needs employees. Plus there is the small matter that the minimum wage is £2.73 per hour (going up to £3.30 in October) as well as an option to apply for possible funding of £1500 per apprentice.

But why take our word for it? Give us a call (and after a quick site visit) we can start forwarding you candidates, matched to your specification. There is no contract with us, just the contract you offer the apprentice so you are free to see our candidates without the obligation to employ.

We currently have on our databases in excess of 150 ambitious, driven, and hungry for an opportunity to prove themselves young people in the areas of Business Administration, ICT, Customer Service, Childcare, and Hairdressing. If you want to discuss what our apprentices can do for your business, call Alex, Killian, or Stephanie on 0208 221 0500?

Seriously, why wouldn’t you?



GET IN TOUCH!  Call: 020 8221 0500.  Email: info@skillsforgrowth.org.uk.   Contact Form

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What London Skills for Growth offer

London Skills for Growth deliver a range of high quality training across London at our three sites. We deliver apprenticeships, traineeships and provide a business support service to employers.

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London Skills for Growth are a charity with 'skills' at its very heart. We are passionate about progression and the key to this is supporting young people and employers to make the process a valuable experience for all involved!

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GET IN TOUCH!  Call: 020 8221 0500.  Email: info@skillsforgrowth.org.uk.   Contact Form

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