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Apprenticeships benefit employers, apprentices and the economy.

Our Business Support Team is here to help if you want to develop your business and invest in the apprenticeship scheme

We offer a unique, all-inclusive apprenticeship recruitment and delivery service to provide you with a seamless, start-to-finish experience.

You will be invited to meet with one of our expert professionals within our Business Support Team at your convenience, where they will discuss the options available to you, and help support your business needs. Our team will give you a complete insight into the apprenticeship programme and the delivery at London Skills for Growth. Once you have decided to invest in an apprentice the Business Support Officer will go through the role in detail, and clarify the qualities you require within prospective candidates. Our Learner Recruitment Team will then source and match the candidates most suited for your role.


GET IN TOUCH!  Call: 020 8221 0500.  Email: info@skillsforgrowth.org.uk.   Contact Form

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London Skills for Growth are one of largest charitable training providers across London and the south east. We provide a range of different educational opportunities, connecting young people with businesses through apprenticeships, traineeships and study programme. We are an organisation with a range of experience in creating career opportunities and are passionate about the progression of our young people to sustainable employment. We operate with integrity and believe in what we do; over 30% of our present staff team is made up of apprentices or ex-apprentices.

We understand what it’s like to be an employer with skills gaps in your workforce. We bring all of the necessary elements together to help young people succeed and to help employers find high quality candidates for their future workforce.

We will continue to support the young person you hire throughout their apprenticeship at level two and beyond (if appropriate) ensuring the relationship between apprentice and employer remains strong and productive.

What we can offer you:

For employers who are interested in Internships/Traineeships, we can support this activity too! We can help you design a bespoke Traineeship programme to meet your business need. Where appropriate this can progress, at a later date, to a fully employed Apprentice!

For more information on the services we offer, please contact our business support team for a fuller discussion on 020 8221 0500 or email BusinessSupport@skillsforgrowth.org.uk

Business Vacancy Support & Apprenticeship Levy Enquiries

Shantelle Watts ShantelleWatts@skillsforgrowth.org.uk

Tanya Hodson TanyaHodson@skillsforgrowth.org.uk

Chelsea Spencer ChelseaSpencer@skillsforgrowth.org.uk

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High Quality Training across London

Skills for Growth deliver a range of high quality training across London at our three sites. We deliver apprenticeships, traineeships and provide a business support service to employers.

Find out more about our sites by clicking the links below:

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Need More information about us?

Skills for Growth are a charity with 'skills' at its very heart. We are passionate about progression and the key to this is supporting young people and employers to make the process a valuable experience for all involved!

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GET IN TOUCH!  Call: 020 8221 0500.  Email: info@skillsforgrowth.org.uk.   Contact Form

Learner Vacancies

Visit the learner vacancies page for more apprenticeship opportunities

GET IN TOUCH!  Call: 020 8221 0500.  Email: info@skillsforgrowth.org.uk.   Contact Form

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