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London Skills for Growth’s Apprentices at Charles Stanley settle in to City life…..

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What people say about our apprenticeships

Juber Ahmed

“I work at Charles Stanley, I got this apprenticeship through London Skills for Growth. I really enjoy working here. Without the help of London Skills for Growth, I really don’t think I would be in the position I am today!”

Jasmin Begum

“I work at Charles Stanley in the Finance and Pensions department and I love it. I really enjoy city working life. London Skills for Growth have helped me so much!”

Jahangir Alam

“I work at Charles Stanley. I joined London Skills for Growth in October 2012. They were very helpful in helping me to find an apprenticeship that best suits me. I didn’t want to go to University as I believe its not for me as well as the fees are too much, so I decided to learn and earn!”

Shaheed Ali 19 years old…

“I currently work for CISI. I joined London Skills for Growth back in July 2012. They were very helpful to get me an apprenticeship. I am working towards my NVQ Level 2 and making very good progress. I wish to complete my Level 2 and progress on to Level 3!”

Maisie Spinks 16 years old…

“I work at Allenby Capital Limited in Mayfair, as an Assistant Analyst, and I absolutely love it. London Skills for Growth have helped loads and even more within the work place supporting me throughout my apprenticeship”

Reece Kingston 19 years old…

“I work in the Learner Recruitment Department, my role is apprenticeship administrator. I was previously on the Fast Track Pre Apprenticeship programme and progressed into employment actually working for London Skills for Growth and I really enjoy it. I get to meet people daily and help young people like myself into training and employment!”

Yasin Ahmed 18 years old…

“I started London Skills for Growth in 2010. I initially started off doing my Salesforce ADM 201, and then progressed into a Business Administration Apprenticeship. The best thing about my job is working with young people like myself. I am always learning new things and gaining more experience”

Ibrahim Ahmed 20 years old…

“I started London Skills for Growth back in 2011. I was on the 4 week Fast Track pre apprenticeship programme before being sent out for interviews. I was then offered an interview at London Skills for Growth for the role of Foundation Learning Administration. I am currently training towards my Level 3 qualification. My experience gained at London Skills for Growth has actually been life changing!”

Billy Champion

“I work at London Skills for Growth in the support Office at our Bexleyheath Centre. Before for that I was at College Studying my A Levels. After the first year at College I really wanted to go to University but I had second thoughts about it because of the potential £20,000 debt. I then decided to look for a job. I joined London Skills for Growth back in 2009 on the E2E course by October I was doing Work experience. In February 2010 I was offered a Job at London Skills for Growth. At the moment I am working on my NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and I really enjoy it, I’ve met some really nice people and am learning new things daily”

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Skills for Growth deliver a range of high quality training across London at our three sites. We deliver apprenticeships, traineeships and provide a business support service to employers.

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Skills for Growth are a charity with 'skills' at its very heart. We are passionate about progression and the key to this is supporting young people and employers to make the process a valuable experience for all involved!

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